Hutchison 3 will be offering new prepaid cap plans this Sunday, September 28, 2008, which claims to offer more value for customers who prefer to pay upfront.

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3’s new prepaid cap plans
3’s new Prepaid Caps range feature a $29, $49, $69 and $99 cap and include more value. In addition, mobile internet will also be available (late 2008) so all of 3’s Prepaid Cap web addicts will be able to browse Facebook, MySpace or Google without the headache of extra subscriptions or additional costs.

3’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Product, Noel Hamill said, “With 3’s new Prepaid Caps we are giving customers the freedom to use their credit for what they want – whether it’s for talk, text or the mobile internet.  We’re also delivering more value – something 3 has always aimed to do with all of our services, whether it’s a prepaid, contract or mobile broadband service.”

The new prepaid caps offer more value in services like talk, SMS, mobile internet and free 3 to 3 calls.  The $29 cap includes $310 worth of value, the $49 cap comes with $590 worth of value, the $69 cap offers $1,000 of value, and the $99 cap comes with $2,750 of total value. All prepaid cap recharges have a 30-day expiry.


Users can also monitor their credit usage by logging onto My3, calling 2224, or by visiting www.my.three.com.au.

In addition, to take the hassle away from recharging, 3 prepaid customers can now use a credit card online or over the phone, set up auto recharge online by selecting a preferred recharge voucher and setting the recharge on a preferred day, or simply purchase a prepaid voucher from any participating 3 store or dealer.


3’s new Prepaid Caps are available from Sunday, 28th September from 3 Stores and 3 Dealers across Australia, Mo’s Mobiles, Allphones, Dick Smith Electronics, Tandy, Powerhouse and BIG W, Three website, or by calling 133 907.

See: www.three.com.au

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