As Acer announced H1 loss, another PC major launches high end notebook, citing “clear difference” between notebook and tablet

Asus this week announced N Series notebooks, with major multimedia specs: 4th generation Intel Core processors (i5/i7), quad speaker SonicMaster Premium audio, GeForce graphics on Windows 8/8 Pro. 

But costing $1599 – $2299, the price is also major, and there’s also a $100 extra “premium” charge for a touchscreen model. Pricey considering a touchscreen tablet can be bought for under $300. But some consumer want power, says Asus. 

“Due to high demand of touch panels there is a $100 premium for the touch experience,” Asus spokesperson told CN. 
Touch screen is still seen as a “premium” technology on a PC, but is likely to change.  
zzbxilcp embeded image 1 Asus $100 Premium For Touch PC

“Over time we would see that erode as touch-technology becomes standard in all notebooks.”

Asus, also successful tablet vendor believes demand for high spec, high powered notebooks is still ripe, said the company rep. 

“Tablets can’t offer the performance a power user is looking for. There is a clear difference between this type of high-end notebook and a tablet. “
The N Series is essentially a desktop machine with portability, offering serious graphics and high-level sound output.”
Recent analyst intelligence shows demand for notebooks, desktops slumped again in Q2. Analysts predict tablet sales will soon outstrip PCs. 
Acer, who announced a $19m loss for H1 today, predicts Android tablets, mobiles and Chromebooks will drive growth, citing lack of confidence surrounding Windows platform. 
Android-based PC sales will account for 10%-12% of revenues by the end of this year, predicts Acer President Jim Wang.  
“For the PC industry, I haven’t seen light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.  

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