Research In Motion (RIM)’s Blackberry 8700g has arrived in selected Telstra Shops and dealers, selling for $799.

Telstra’s General Manager of Wireless Solutions, Paul Thomas, said the Blackberry platform supports many uses beyond email that could improve business productivity. “”Businesses and professionals are recognising the benefits of integrating Blackberry with their existing systems so that employees are able to update progress reports, enter sales figures or place orders while on the road,” he said.

“The Blackberry 8700g features a completely re-engineered device platform that achieves an optimised balance of performance, functionality and design,” said Research In Motion Asia Pacific Vice President, Norm Lo. “We’re pleased to be working with Telstra to bring this innovative Blackberry device to customers in Australia. The Blackberry 8700g is an excellent choice for mobile professionals who want an exceptional data and voice experience with a stylish, all-in-one device.”

In addition to an easy-to-use 35 key QWERTY keyboard, the Blackberry 8700g features a bright, high resolution screen that supports more than 65,000 colours and delivers vivid graphics. It also incorporates an innovative light-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the screen and keyboard lighting to optimised levels in outdoor, indoor and dark environments.

With its re-engineered device platform, Intel XScale processor, 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM, the Blackberry 8700g enables significantly faster web browsing, attachment viewing and application performance.

In addition to leading wireless email and data features, the lightweight Blackberry 8700g also incorporates premium phone features including quad-band functionality for international users, battery life of up to 16 days standby and 4 hours talk time, dedicated ‘send’, ‘end’ and ‘mute’ phone keys, smart dialling, conference calling, speed dial, call forwarding as well as speakerphone and Bluetooth support for hands-free use with car kits and headsets.

See www.blackberry.com

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