A senior executive of Canon Australia has claimed that both Epson and HP Inkjet printers do not print accurate colours but Canons new Inkjet printers do.

During a press briefing to journalist the executive KC Lu Product Manager of Inkjet Printing at Canon showed 3 examples of a file printed to normal A4 paper. The documents from a HP and Epson printer were significantly different from the printout from a new Canon MP510 printer that is among several new printers to be launched this week by Canon.

 The printouts from the HP and Epson printers appeared to be washed out with a map in the bottom left hand corner of the page appearing as green on the Canon printout as opposed to yellow from the other two competitor’s printers. When questioned how the tests had been done he said “We purchased the Epson and HP printers off the shelf at a retail store, powered them up, set all the settings to default and pressed print. We used the same paper in all three machines”.

When asked whether he was claiming that both the HP and Epson printers printed inferior quality to the Canon printer he said “yes the new Canon printer delivers much better quality” He also admitted that Canon consumables such as paper and ink were significantly more expensive in Australia than in Countries like the UK and the USA.

He later said” It is not our policy to knock our competition but we do have a powerful new product”. When questioned as to why Canon had not conducted the tests via an independent testing lab he said” We simply wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of our printers”

A spokesperson for Epson said “This is certainly unusual. There are so many variables from the printers to the computer to the settings. We would like to see the tests and the printers before we comment” A spokesperson for HP said “This is very unusual we would like to know the printer models and how the tests were done”.

The new range of Canon printers are under embargo until later this week. Canon has said that they will supply SmartHouse with all 3 printers for testing.

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