High Fidelity in-ear headphones to hit in JuneThe AH-C120 and AH-C50, are the first Denon headphones designed to work with Android as well as Apples.

The headphones are born from Denon’s highly-acclaimed Music Maniac series. Both come with an integrated microphone and all Music Maniac in-ears are professionally tuned to a Flat EQ to deliver an acoustically transparent music experience.

The AH-C50 (RRP $ 59.95) comes with 9 mm dynamic drivers set in a crafted ABS housing, non-tangle cable and an in-line 1-button remote to control tracks from an iPhone or Android. 
Regardless if you’re big eared or small, these headphones will fit comfortably, providing a “good seal.” Four different sizes of silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, and L) are included. 
The higher-end AH-C120 (RRP 119.95) feature 11.5 mm drivers set in an Aluminum-ABS Hybrid Material Housing. It also comes with a compact carry case. 
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The oxygen-free, non-tangle cable is engineered for purity of sound. In addition to silicon ear tips (S, M, L), these Mania’s have a Comply Foam TX-400M ear tips for the best possibly fit. 

Denon’s Radial Cascade Damper system reduces cable-transmitted vibration noise generated by the cable bumping against  your chest, if you’re pounding the pavement running or walking. Both headphones come with this clever technology. 
Denon Audio smartphone App for Android/ iOS has a high quality audio player with instant playlist creation, TuneIn Internet Radio, save and share custom EQ curves. The audio app also has cool extras like an integrated 1000-band equaliser; Denon Music Community to discover new artists and tour dates. 
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