Samsung’s latest 46-inch LCD TV boasts 1080p resolution and 100Hz technology for blur-free viewing. We turn on the F8 LCD to see how it measures up.

From affordable 1080p panels, to monstrous 70-inch LCD screens, Samsung currently has a lot of different TVs in the market that cater to various consumers. Now Samsung wants to give users a better high definition experience with the launch of its F8, an LCD TV that incorporates 100Hz Motion Plus technology to provide a ‘blur-free’ viewing in sports and action movies.

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The Samsung F8 TV sports a piano black finish but has a brushed aluminium side panel that hosts the speakers and touch-sensitive control panel (right side of the unit). A silver sensor below the bezel emits a blue light when the unit is turned on and also functions as a power button when touched. The panel can be swivelled up to 20 degrees to the left or to the right, allowing users to move the screen to wherever they are comfortably seated.

Samsung has once again provided users with a multitude of ports, with the side panel (left side) hosting an HDMI port, a ‘Wiselink’ USB port, an S-Video in, a Composite (A/V) port, and a headphone jack. Connectors at the back of the unit include the unit’s power input, a D-sub port and audio-in jack, a Digital audio out (Optical), two sets of Component in ports, RCA stereo input and output jacks, a Composite (A/V) jack, a Service connector for service and for controlling the optional mount bracket, and two HDMI ports.

This new panel promises a maximum resolution output of 1080p, has a 100Hz motion plus technology that claims to display natural and fluid motion without any blurring or ghosting effects, has a dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1, a response time of 6ms, and comes with features like Digital NR, Movie Plus Mode, Active Colour, and DNIe.


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Out of the box, users would first have to run the Plug and Play Feature on the F8. This feature will automatically memorize and store all of the available channels and set the date and time for the television set. Users can then opt to go with the LCD’s picture mode (Dynamic, Standard, and Movie) or do some self-calibration by adjusting the unit’s Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Colour, Tint (G/R), Colour Tone, and Backlight.

The unit also comes with a Digital NR mode (reduces noise of picture), Active Colour mode (increases green and blue/sky tones), Auto Motion Plus 100Hz mode, and Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIe) mode that aims to improve the overall viewing experience.

We have connected several devices to the LA46F81BD and played various movie clips (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, X-Men) to test the F8’s performance. In Star Wars, we were able to find that the screen was able to produce and display deep blacks and better gradations. Of course, it still cannot be compared to the blacks that plasma TV can produce, but nevertheless, this 46-incher is still able to perform.


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In various outdoor chase scenes (like ones found in Indiana Jones), the Active Colour and DNIe function was able to display a wider range of colours and made greens and blues richer and deeper. Turning on the 100Hz mode (it is set to Low by default) definitely reduced blurring in various movie scenes and sporting events, but there were some of us who did not like it turned on because of the fact that it feels a little ‘artificial’.

How will you know if the 100Hz is for you? Besides being able to set the Auto Motion Plus 100Hz mode to Low, Medium, High, or Off, users may also set the unit to its ‘Demo Mode’ – a mode where the F8 splits its screen into two and shows you the difference between having the 100Hz mode on or off.

The built-in 2.2 channel stereo dome speaker system and sub-woofers can definitely fill a room with rich and loud sounds. It was able to produce those low frequency sounds (like explosions) without much of a problem and was still able to keep conversations between the actors clear. Just don’t ‘push’ the speakers too much though, as the speakers have a tendency to break when it gets at a certain volume level. It would be advisable though if you hook up the screen to a home theatre kit to fully enjoy movies.

The Samsung F8 comes with a Wiselink port that is used to update the screen’s software and can be used to display photos and/or play MP3 files found on USB storage devices. The 46-inch screen also has an Anynet+ function that makes it possible for users to control all connected Samsung AV devices with the Samsung remote.



Those looking for 1080p screen that can catch up with their favourite sport or fast-paced action movies are advised to take a look at the Samsung F8. This LCD TV is a strong performer with very minimal flaws and will give you a thrilling high definition experience every time you turn the unit on.

Product Specifications:

Screen Size: 46-inch
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1
Viewing Angle: 178 degrees
Response Time: 6ms
DNIe: Yes
HD Ready: Yes
Brightness: 500cd/m2
Backlight: CCFL
LCD: 100Hz

Sound Output (RMS): 10W x 2
Stereo Type: Nicam/A2 Stereo
Sound Effect System: SRS TruSurround XT

Input and Output (Side):
Composite (A/V): 1
S-Video: 1
Headphone: 1
Wiselink (USB): 1

Input and Output (Back):
RF Input: 1
Component (Y/Pb/Pr): 2
Composite (AV): 1
PC Input (D-Sub): 1
Optical sound out: 1
RS232C (for service): 1
Colour: Black
Swivel: Yes
Front Cabinet: Glossy
Back Cabinet: Non-Glossy

Set size with stand: 1,222.3 x 752.9 x 319.9mm
Set size without stand: 1,222.3 x 686.8 x 111.0 mm

Weight with stand: 32.8kg
Weight without stand: 27.7kg

Samsung F8 100Hz LCD TV (LA46F81BD) | $4,749 |  | www.samsung.com.au

For: 1080p Resolution; 100Hz screen; Abundance of ports; DTV built-in; can play MP3 and JPEG files; Enhanced greens and blues
Against: Audio output not as good as expected; 100Hz may not be suitable for some
Conclusion: A 100Hz LCD TV with a lot to offer – that’s what the new Samsung F8 is about.

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