In line with the increased demand for TVs during COVID-19 lockdowns, LG Electronics has announced it is expanding its capacity to produce TVs by 50%. To achieve this, LG plans to diversify its manufacturing operations and develop the company’s Cibitung facility in Indonesia.

By having the regional hub in Indonesia, it will be easier for LG to ship supply to Australia, as well as other countries in Asia. Therefore, Cibitung will take over two of the production lines that are currently in Gumi, South Korea.

The Cibitung will be upgraded with advanced automation and will focus on producing TVs, monitors and digital signage products. The Gumi base, meanwhile, will concentrate on LG’s ultra-premium TVs and medical monitors. Gumi will also serve as the centre for R&D and the development of more efficient manufacturing processes.

OLED 8K LG TV LG Boosts Capacity To Produce TVs By 50%

This greater capacity will support the sale of LG’s 2020 range of TVs in Australia, which include the more affordable NanoCell and 8K models, with LG HE Marketing Manager Tony Brown telling Smart House that TV sales are up as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The new production centres may also help to bring forward the launch date of LG’s 2020 soundbars in Australia. The release of these products in the local market has already been delayed by COVID-19 disruptions to the supply chain.