LG has expanded its footprint in the kitchen, releasing a range of built-in ovens, rangehoods and cooktops. Australia is the first market in the world outside of Korea to receive the products.

LG, which has made a name for itself in kitchens with its internet fridge, will once again be pushing the innovative

features of its new range to try to grab the attention of consumers, Lee Young-ha, LG Electronic’s Global Head of Digital Appliances said. Some of the new features it will be promoting include a powerful built-in halogen lamp in their cooktops that halves cooking time and auto-pot recognition on its cooktops.

Lee expects LG to make a real dent in the likes of Miele and Bosch’s kitchen businesses. “Those companies are excellent companies – they have good tradition and history. But LG, our R&D is higher than those companies, and we are strong when it comes to innovative products,” he said. “Next year we will focus on building our brand image in cooking appliances,
that’s the first step, but our final goal is to be a major player in that area.”

LG is releasing three built-in ovens, all of which incorporate a halogen bulb which makes cooking twice as fast. The ovens also come with auto cook menus and are self cleaning, and range between $1999 and $2999.

The new cooktops have induction plates that use a special booster function that ensures a rapid heat build up to increase the speed of cooking and boiling. They also feature auto-pot recognition, which intelligently senses what is placed on the elements before turning on. The two cooktops in the LG range retail for $1499 and $2199. The two rangehoods released feature a mood lighting strip on the front and have RRps of $1499 and $1999.


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