The new line-up of Miele kitchen appliances features everything from smart rangehoods that disappear, to microwave ovens that look after your cupboards. Sound intriguing? Definitely!

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Let’s start with the rangehoods; there are two models, the first is the DA 424 V island rangehood ($6000). This hood features a motorized height adjustment which allows it to glide up or down at the touch of a button – meaning no more bumps on the head for tall chefs!

Miele said the slide tracks are concealed in the telescopic chimney section, allowing the canopy to be extended or shortened to suit user requirements. A separate motor controlled by two pushbuttons lowers or raises the canopy by a maximum of 25 cm (recirculation model) or 30 cm (vented model). Alternatively, the highest setting allows maximum rangehood retraction creating an unobstructed view of the room.

The DA 424 V has a canopy width of 120 cm and also features four power settings, fan run-on, grease filter saturation indicator and four dimmable halogen lamps. It is made of stainless steel.

So what about the disappearing act? Well this is Miele’s DA 3000/3100 slimline rangehood ($600). The 3000/3100 models have the ability to

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disappear underneath a wall unit when not in use.

According to the company, the rangehoods, of which only a 3 cm deflector is visible, are easy to integrate into any kitchen design as no matter whether the deflector is 60 cm or 90 cm wide, all models fit comfortably into a 60 cm wall unit.

The deflector is stainless steel, so there is no separate front lightshield strip, however, users who wish to adapt a hood to fit the style of their kitchen can install front trim in aluminium or a lightshield to complement their kitchen cabinetry.

The rangehoods also feature a two-point suction fan for a claimed high air throughput with low noise levels and dishwasher-proof stainless-steel grease filters. In addition, there are three power settings plus Intensive functions on all Miele rangehoods and depending on the model, the rangehood can automatically deactivate the Intensive setting after 10 minutes.

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Also in the new line up is the KM5700 series of induction cooktops (from $2700). Induction cooktops generally promise fast response and precise power regulation, and Miele says its new product does precisely that.

All the new Miele induction cooktops feature a booster function for each cooking zone. This function provides maximum power over a short period, claiming to allow liquid to come to the boil faster than on a gas burner or a HiLight hob.

The control arrangement of sensors has been specifically designed to allow more space in which to slide pots and pans between the individual rings. The sensor control is also combined with a circle of LEDs so you know which one is turned on.  

The cooktop can be customised to suit individual cooking habits. For example, it is possible to almost double the number of settings available from nine to 17, which is useful when food preparation requires a finely defined heat output.

Individual rings can also be used in automatic mode – for defrosting frozen food at low heat, for example, as after the programmed time, the ring switches off automatically. A ‘Stop & Go’ function is in place to reduce power to the lowest setting so that nothing can burn or boil over should cooking be left temporarily unattended.

Safety features include fault monitoring and a system lock. The latter claims to prevent the unit from being switched on by inquisitive children whilst fault monitoring ensures that the hob unit switches off automatically in the event of a spillage over the operating controls.

Designed for a 916 x 500 mm cutout, the flagship KM 5773 has five rings, the largest being 28 cm in diameter. It features a total of 13 program options such as the ability to deactivate the audible signals, which normally confirm every touch of the sensor controls. In addition, frequently recurring cooking processes can be simply recorded and called up via a memory function – smart!

And if this all sounds like exactly what you’re after, Miele is giving away a four piece set of stainless steel induction cookware valued at $500 with every purchase of the cooktop to celebrate its launch.

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Last but not least in the new line-up is the M 8000 microwave ($1200) which protects the kitchen cupboard that you place the microwave in.

How does it do this? The answer is intelligent ventilation technology, which means vapours are released into the kitchen via the front and not at the back of the microwave, where damage can occur to cupboard space in the long run.

Miele said the microwaves have been designed to be easy-to-use, so cooking can be initiated in two to three steps via two rotary knobs and several pushbuttons mounted on an uncluttered control panel.

Apart from the usual functionality, for the time-poor, there is also a QuickSet function which once programmed, can be called up at the touch of a button to warm up a cup of milk, for example. The appliance also features a System Lock for child-safety.

Standard accessories include a boiling rod, recipe booklet and plate cover, and depending on which model, can also include a grilling rack, glass drip tray and gourmet plate. This plate is made up of a ferrite base (a mixture of iron and silicon) and is Teflon-coated. Miele says that unlike other microwave accessories, this plate actually becomes hot during cooking, resulting in pastry and meat dishes with a delicious brown crust.

Look out as well for a new Miele steam cooker and coffee machine which will be released later this year. Details to follow at SmartHouse.

See: www.miele.com.au

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