Danish-based Miller & Kreisel has unveiled its first true update to the classic 750 Series, coinciding with the product’s 20th anniversary as the world’s first THX Select approved loudspeaker.

The new Miller & Kreisel 750 Series debuts a “true acoustic upgrade”, driven by customised Danish designed and produced tweeters.

Australian pricing and availability will be announced around July 2019.

Miller & Kreisel claim it incorporated several high-performance technologies from the newly designed S150 Series in the revamped 750 series.

The new speakers harness 28mm vented voice coils (with high-powered handling and extended linearity), plus 28mm high-precision coated soft domes.

MK 33 1024x645 Miller & Kreisel Revamp Classic 750 Series

An integrated waveguide plus short horn load pledge wide dispersion and a smooth frequency response.

Its curved metal grill and angle tweeter offer an optimised off-axis response plus on-axis response – i.e. a high frequency prism system.

With new 5.25-inch woofers the speakers debut aluminium distortion-killer rings even at high SPL levels.

MK Sound 2 Miller & Kreisel Revamp Classic 750 Series

Other new components include an extra-stiff coated fibreglass cone, vented pole piece in magnet system (for low compression performance) and vented voice coil for low compression.

New phase-focused crossover designs have been optimised for low crossover points and transient control, complementing updated proprietary M&K Sound interconnect cables.

With over 45 years of history, M&K Sound claims to be among the world’s most respected names in professional and consumer audio, and is used by several Hollywood filmmakers.

Consumers can pick up current model M&K Sound 750 packs at ‘clear out’ prices from several Australian retailers for a limited time.

MK Sound 55 Miller & Kreisel Revamp Classic 750 Series