The new pro|SERIES Skype certified accessories range is designed to be a one stop Skype solution for customers, claims Funtastic, Australian distributor of the new range.

The range includes the Serial Mono and USB Mono headsets which Funtastic says are light and comfortable for all day use. They are also fitted with a noise canceling microphone. The Serial Stereo and USB Stereo headset is suitable for chatting, playing games and listeningto music. The headset is also fitted with a noise canceling microphone and has a speaker frequency response of 100 HZ to 20 KHz. For Skype on-the-go, there is the Mobility headset which features a flexible clip.

Also in the range is the USB Skype switch – a USB powered switch allowing one-touch answering of incoming calls on Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and other P2P software. The ATM USB Web Camera rounds out the accessories range. It allows you to make live video calls, set up a video monitoring system or send photos and video along with your email. Funtastic says you can even edit your images and video content.

The products come with Skype software and 60 free SkypeOut minutes, which can be used all around the world. The software allows people to send instant messages, chat with up to 50 people simultaneously and make conference calls using secure and encrypted communication. Call forwarding and SkypeVoicemail is also available.

Skype minutes are bought upfront, so there are no monthly bills. Funtastic said with international call minutes  available at local rates, it hopes the range will encourage customers to take advantage of the low call rates to international and national numbers now available by using Skype.

“The pro|SERIES range will be the first ever one stop solution for consumer Skype needs, featuring everything you need to start using Skype,” said Funtastic’s Craig Smith.

“Funtastic will offer a wide range of point-of-sale material to be included in retail stores across Australia and by adding new technologies and diversifying the product range, pro|SERIES will see an unprecedented potential to grow and expand.” he added.

Look out also for a range of cordless and DECT phones to be released later this year.


Boom Mobility V2 Headset (3.5 mm Jack) – $20
Mono Headset (3.5 mm Jack) – $35
USB Mono Headset – $50
USB Stereo Headset – $80
AMT USB Web camera + Mono Headset – $90
3.5 Stereo Headset + Skype switch – $80

See: www.skype.com or call 1800 660 655

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Mono Headset

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Stereo Headset

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USB Web camera

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Mobility Headset

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Skype switch

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USB Mono Headset

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