Hi Fi distributor W D Wedderspoon has been dumped by US audio Company Velodyne, makers of one of the world’s best subwoofers because of poor sales of their product in Australia.

Taking over from Wedderspoon is Brisbane based distributor Revolution Technology which is the distribution arm of Video Pro. A difficult Company to deal with, Wedderspoon refused to confirm that that they had been dumped by Velodyne with a senior executive claiming earlier today that they were still selling the product.

However ChannelNews has been able to confirm that Wedderspoon lost the distribution last week and that they are still in discussions with Velodyne over stock levels and the transfer of stock to the new distributor. Alan Golding of Revolution Technology said “we were approached by Velodyne to take on the distribution and we snapped up the opportunity. This is a great product that is without doubt the best subwoofer in the world”. He added “we were appointed last Friday and as soon as we have sorted out stock levels we will start selling and marketing the product.”

 Velodyne Acoustics has been rated the best subwoofer company for over 20 years by various Hi Fi publications their range includes the Digital Drive series complete with room management technology to the all new In-wall subwoofer.

Wedderspoon was established in 1956 however in October 2004, Lisa Marie and Michael Williams acquired W C Wedderspoon and immediately implemented change which has resulted in the loss of accounts like Velodyne.
Derek Whiteman the International Sales Manager for Velodyne was not available to comment as he was inflight between Europe and the USA.

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