Fancy catching a bit of widescreen TV in the greater outdoors? NU’s Wireless TV makes it easy.

The 15.4 inch (16:10) widescreen LCD TV, which NU claims uses an A-grade 1280 x 800 resolution panel, has an embedded 802.11g wireless receiver. Working in conjunction with a “State of the art” MPEG 2 video decoder and transmitter, it displays DVD-quality resolution pictures up to 30 metres from the broadcasting transmitter, which acts as a hub for various audiovisual inputs.

It may look dainty – measuring 48 x 26.5 x 6.5 cm and weighing 4.5 kgs – but the NU Wireless TV is built for the rigours of outdoor viewing, featuring a water-resistant housing with an industry standard IP-65 rating protection. This makes it ideal for viewing in humid environments and there’s no need to panic if it starts to rain. NU says the display is also highly dust-resistant.

NU claims 2.5 hours of viewing from the unit’s rechargeable battery.

“The water and dust resistant feature combined with the wireless TV capability allows the NU Wireless TV product to be used in places people always wanted to enjoy television or DVD,” says NU. “It’s great for use by the pool, in a BBQ party, kitchen, bathroom, or by the balcony of inner city apartments to the verandas of traditional Australian homes. Practically anytime and everywhere, TV viewing is here.”

Cost: $1699





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