Audioworks has launched Sound Advance by Sonance – speakers that sit completely out of view, behind a wall or ceiling, creating truly invisible sound.

Designed for installation between timber or metal stud walls or behind any ceiling, the Sound Advance speakers are flat panels (patented Planar Diaphragm Technology) which can be plastered or wall papered over. They also feature a claimed wide, smooth dispersion pattern.

David Small of Audioworks (Sonance’s Australian distributor) said the speakers offer very good sound but “Don’t have the bass depth of a normal speaker and thus, are ideal for background music or talking applications, rather than for home theatre.”

“Although, with a sub, you could use them for theatre,” he added.

Audioworks says the speakers are ideal for residential or commercial use, whether for creating ambient sound or for voice paging, sound masking, surround sound, teleconferencing or multi room audio systems. 

Now play spot-the-speaker…

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Before the wall is plastered (the white rectangles are the speakers)

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After the wall is plastered










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