Wireless seems to be the buzz word at the moment, with quite a few products being rolled out without the hassle of wires being attached.

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Now it’s the turn of Asus, who has released the ASUS DSL-N13 wireless modem router, which integrates the capabilities of a wireless router, ADSL modem and FTP/print server into a single device enabling users to connect, print and share files on the one network. DSL-N13 supports 802.11n wireless LAN for speedy data transfers, ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ standards for faster downloads, and USB printer and FTP server capabilities for printing and file sharing.

Powered by an ADSL connection database, the DSL-N13 can automatically detect local ISP settings (VPI/VCI/connection type) in almost every open channel – ADSL implemented territory – eliminating the need for complicated ADSL configurations. Additionally, the DSL-N13 has the capability of delivering download speeds up to 24Mbps (dependant on service providers and actual distances).

For file sharing, draw on the ASUS DDNS service via AiDisk which comes with the DSL-N13. This built-up free DDNS server allows users to register unique host names associated with their dynamic IP addresses (eg. ftp://yourname.asus.comm.com) eradicating the need to remember IP addresses.

Connecting a USB hard disk to the DSL-N13 enables users to create a mini-FTP server for easy file sharing with family, friends and colleagues. Whilst connected to the Internet, AiDisk offers the ability to log in via a notebook, PDA or smart phone to instantly back up important files to the home disk.

A Plug ‘n’ Play feature means multiple users can remotely access a single printer without having a PC or server turned on 24×7. By plugging in a printer via USB into the DSL-N13, the ASUS Device Discovery utility will automatically display and share it with all LAN users (refer to ASUS online support for compatible printer list).

With Bandwidth-on-Demand, the DSL-N13 allows users to allocate bandwidth according to their individual needs. By simply clicking on their preference, for example, voice or gaming, more or less bandwidth can be assigned to streamline multiple network activities and operate smoothly all at the same time.


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