Asustek Computer (ASUS) who recently underwent a management overall in Australia has reported weak revenues with sales slipping 10.84% since June 2013.

Sales between January and April fell by only 1.27%.

Asustek’s global brand revenues of NT$31.008 billion for April slipped 11.13% but grew 5.46% for the year, the company said. 

on May 9 reported consolidated revenues of NT$34.44 billion (US$1.14 billion) for April, the lowest monthly level since June 2013 and decreasing on month by 10.84% but increasing on year by 5.66%, and NT$144.776 billion for January-April, slipping on year by 1.27%.

Asustek shipped 5.2 million DIY motherboards, 4.9 million notebooks, 2.1 million tablets and 200,000 smartphones in the first quarter of 2014. The company aims to ship 5.2 million DIY motherboards, 4.6 million notebooks, 2.8 million tablets and 1.5 million smartphones in the second quarter.

Also coming under pressure is Gigabyte who saw consolidated revenues of NT$4.184 billion for April dip by 13.6% but grow year on year by 20.68%, and NT$19.471 billion for January-April increasing on year by 22.77%. Gigabyte shipped 20 million motherboards in 2013 and aims to ship 22 million units in 2014.

MSI had consolidated revenues of NT$7.306 billion for April decreasing on month by 3.7% but hiking on year by 40.26%, and NT$27.903 billion for January-April rising on year by 30.5%.
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