BMW is to offer the first THX-certified car audio system in a European vehicle.

The new BMW Z4 Roadster and Coupe will be the first to offer such a system, that can deliver state-of-the-art sound experiences. THX Ltd., leading provider of technologies, certification programs and quality assurance standards for the entertainment industry, has announced that the Premium Sound System available in the BMW Z4 Roadster and Coupe has achieved THX certification.

With a THX-Certified car audio system, the speakers, subwoofers and other audio components are only half of the equation, says THX. The other half is equipment performance, positioning and an analysis of the vehicle’s acoustic design. During the certification process, THX worked with BMW engineers to analyse speaker layout and positioning, and acoustic and equipment performance in the Z4 to make sure they were optimal for distributing sound throughout the vehicle. In addition, THX rigorously tested the system under a variety of road and driving conditions to measure exterior and interior noise to ensure it met THX standards for quality and performance.

THX says the goal of its program is to produce audio systems that deliver sound presentations that match the quality and ambience of the original recording.

“THX is dedicated to providing high-end entertainment experiences beyond cinemas, home theatres and listening rooms,” said Kaling Lim, Executive Director of THX. “More and more consumers will demand car audio that can rival the performance of premium home entertainment products. THX and BMW are committed to addressing that demand.”

“BMW Z4 buyers are not only getting a high quality car audio system, they are getting one that is backed by THX,” said Edgar Kirk, head of Development of Audio Systems of the BMW Group. “THX is known throughout the world for ensuring uncompromised sound quality in the cinema, home and now the automobile. We are thrilled to offer an audio system of this calibre to BMW drivers.”

Highlights of the BMW Z4 THX-certified Premium Sound System:

– 10 speakers
– Digital ten-channel audio amplifier and digital sound processor
– 7-band graphic equalizer
– BMW Carver technology for high sound pressure with small speaker diameter (sound pressure/output level of more than 120 db with a volume of only 10 litres per loudspeaker)
– Two subwoofers with an output of 100 watts located behind the seats
– Two woofers each developing 40 watts at the front of the car
– Six midrange loudspeakers and tweeters, fitted in the doors and behind the seats, each driven by a 25 watts terminal
– Total power output of 430 watts

See www.thx.com

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