Tax breaks of up to $70,000 for commercial and $7,000 for residental homes are set to be offered by the US government for people who install digital home and smart office technology.

State and Federal governments looking to cut crime should take a look at the US market where the government is looking at giving tax breaks for people and organisations who invest in digital home and smart office technology.The new US legislation is called the Secure America’s Homes and Businesses Act.  Currently before the US Congress the bill is designed to provide up to $6,000 for residential and $70,000 for commercial tax deductions annually for the purchase and the professional installation of electronic premise security devices.

Devices covered by the bill would include electronic fire/life safety, intrusion detection alarms or burglar alarms, video surveillance cameras and equipment, access controls including biometrics and automated fingerprint identification systems and any components, wiring, system displays, terminals or other equipment to install these devices.

The taxpayer’s location can include any structure or property used for commercial or residential purposes including parking lots and other areas owned by the taxpayer and used as dwellings. The effective date of the bill would be Dec. 31, 2005.

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