President Bush was locked for several hours in a West Wing bathroom again, earlier this month, according to the Washington Daily Sedative. The folks from Specialised Safety Solutions say this could have been avoided had the Whitehouse installed its new Rescue Door System.

“If it can happen to the President, it can happen to anyone,” said co-developer of the Rescue Door System, David Jevtic.

The Rescue Door System allows you to free someone who may be trapped behind a locked door. In an emergency situation, the door can open in the opposite direction (by retracting the door stops), to free the person inside. 

The system was inspired by a real life tragedy. Some years ago, co-developer, David Ashard’s uncle collapsed in the bathroom behind a locked door. Sadly, he died before the door was able to be opened from the outside.

Jevtic says this is not an isolated case, claiming almost 600 people a week or 30 000 people a year in Australia collapse behind locked doors.

Ashard and Jevtic developed the product after this experience in the hope that the system would save the lives of others trapped under similar circumstances, by saving time in getting past the locked door.

The system can be installed on all timber and aluminium doors. It can also be retro-fitted by removing existing door jambs and hinges and installing the Rescue Door System.

The Rescue Door System is available in the four standard Australian door jamb sizes: 90 mm, 110 mm, 116 mm and 138 mm. It comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Prices range between $195 and $285 depending on door and jamb size.

See: www.rescuedoorsystem.com

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