Forget PTs: Watches to be the next big thing in health & fitnessAussies are “phoning it in” when it comes to health and fitness, as it emerges one in four use their smartphone as a personal trainer to track fitness, lose weight, new research by Telstra shows. 

The survey comes as Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smart bands go on sale in Australia, starting at $249.  
The good news for Samsung is one in five Aussies plan to buy a wearable in the next year, meaning health nuts may soon be ditching their mobiles for bands and smart watches like FitBit, Jawbone Up or the new Gears. 
One in 10 are interested in  internet-connected glasses like Google Glass, which incidentally went on sale in the US today, although there’s no Aussie release date yet, but it is tipped to launch this year. 
These smart weables monitor us 24/7, and tell us how many calories burned, steps taken, km’s ran, sleep quality, eating habits, and monitor heart rate.  
Connected wristbands are set to shape the future health and fitness in Oz, as measuring performance and monitoring health status becomes more popular, and are handy in our sunny climes.  
Telstra’s Wearable Tech Index research also shows we’re a fit bunch, with a quarter of us exercising two or three times a week and one in 10 exercising daily.
Sony was an early runner on wearables releasing smartwatch some time ago, but phone makers LG, HTC and Motorola are all tipped to jump on the wearable wagon, soon, as a companion to mobiles.  
Despite Aussies taking up gym memberships in record numbers, we still prefer to exercise outdoors, research also shows.
Personal trainer Ben Payne, says fitness apps and wearables can function as the personal trainer, when they are not present. 
“Wearables are a way of visualising and quantifying achievements, which is great motivation.” 
“I might train clients one or two days a week – during which time I help guide and educate them about health and fitness.  But I can’t be by their side day and night. “
The new Samsung Galaxy S5, which went on sale today, features include a heart rate sensor, pedometer and S Health app. 
The Galaxy Gear Fit curved AMOLED display fit neatly around the wrist,  is a water and dust resistant, heart rate monitor and pedometer to help track fitness levels. It also has a communication function emails, texts, and incoming calls when paired with the S5. 
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