Even if you can’t boil water as a rule, you can get a great cup of coffee every time using Nespresso coffee machines and capsules.

All Nespresso machines, which bear Nespresso’s brand and other famous coffee-making names such as Krups, feature 19-bar pressure pumps which it says (at between 11 and 15 bars) unleash hundreds of coffee aromas and ensure a lovely crema. Nespresso machines also feature a high-precision thermostat to ensure water remains at an ideal 86-91 degree temperature. The machines use a unique three-stage process of preparation, extraction and emulsion to deliver what it claims is the perfect cup of espresso every time. 

Even basic models require only that you fill them with water, turn them on and insert a packaged capsule containing an amount of coffee Nespresso predetermines as perfect for a single cup (cups are made singularly, but quickly). The machine does the rest. Many models also automatically dispose of the used capsules, which remain sealed to prevent grounds making mess. 

The machines accept only Nespresso coffee capsules, which are available from the Nespresso Club – a 24-hour service delivering coffee within 48 hours of order via phone or Internet. A propriety coffee machine? Yes. An entirely cynical exercise designed to lock consumers down and fleece them of their disposable coffee allowance? No. 

General Manager, Jerome Casteigt, says this is an essential quality-control measure, allowing only double-A grade coffee at optimal freshness to be used with the machines. The capsules are hermetically sealed to protect the coffee from air, light and moisture – which Nespresso guarantees will keep the coffee perfectly fresh for six months. 

Casteigt says that a common misconception is that the capsules will be expensive compared with alternatives and explains that because Nespresso sells direct only, it keeps the price-per-capsule entirely reasonable – at around $30 per kilogram (or around $60 cents per pod). Machines are priced from $300 to $2800. 

Many regular and limited-edition coffee blends are available.  

Nespresso has found favour with famous Sydneysiders such as Tetsuya Wakuda – who, whilst a world-renowned chef, admits he possesses average (by his lofty standards) coffee-making skills. Nespresso was the perfect solution for Wakuda when at home and unable to call on his restaurant’s baristas to whip up coffee of the calibre he’s accustomed. 

A Swiss company with a huge European presence, Nespresso recently opened the Nespresso Boutique at 141 King Street, Sydney, which anyone can visit to learn more about and sample it. 

See: www.nespresso.com.au





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