Klipsch, the US based loudspeaker and headphone brand with global reach, has an illustrious history of innovation and signature sound. In 1946, company founder Paul Klipsch revolutionised the way the world hears its music by releasing his horn-loaded speaker. The revolution in great sound continues today as Klipsch releases leading edge speakers and sound bars for digital lifestyles.

Power And Majesty Of The Klipsch HD Theatre SB3 Soundbar

Ask Klipsch designers why they produced their HD Theatre SB3 soundbar and they’ll tell you, most TVs sound thin and boring.

They set out to adapt the brand’s famous horn-loaded speaker technology and fit it to a sleek soundbar.

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Connect the SB3 to almost any modern, flat screen TV and suddenly broadcast programs including news, sporting events and movies become so much more enjoyable.

The SB3 is all about crystal clear dialogue, highly detailed, realistic levels of sound. Klipsch has always made loudspeakers famous for their high efficiency, ultra-low noise and distortion levels, controlled directivity, huge dynamic range and ruler flat, frequency response.

The same principles are used to build the SB3. The new two-way, four-driver soundbar is equipped with premium-grade drivers. These comprise a tweeter fitted with lightweight aluminium diaphragms for crystalline treble, and newly developed long throw woofers for tight, deep, informative bass.

To compliment the soundbar drivers, Klipsch includes a sophisticated, wireless sub-woofer that presses a large ten-inch driver into the service of floor-shaking amounts of bass.

The SB3 connects to just about any TV through a digital toslink optical or analog connection. 

Used with the digital connection, the sound from the TV and a Blu-ray player, cable receiver or gaming console will be processed by the SB3’s built-in Dolby Digital Surround Sound Processor.

The SB3 has a number of mounting solutions. It can rest on its stylish L-shaped feet or it can be wall mounted using the supplied mounting template. Either way its 3-inch depth makes it a discrete choice for discerning consumers.

The Klipsch HD Theatre SB3 is available in satin black finish and retails for $1399.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Transforms Computer Sound

Klipsch’s ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers are universally praised for their scintillating sound, so there’s no wonder the model is a red-hot favourite with consumers overseas.

While Australian and New Zealand fans have had a little wait, the great news is the ProMedia 2.1 is now in stores locally.

So what’s all the fuss about? That’s easy. If you’re one of a legion of music lovers listening to favourite albums and tracks through a computer or TV’s built-in sound system, you’d probably describe it as ”uninspired”.

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Listen to the same music with the sound of your PC or TV playing back through Klipsch’s ProMedia computer speakers, and it takes on another dimension of immersion and quality.

The secret to the grin-inducing sound is the Klipsch exclusive MicroTractrix Horns used by the ProMedia 2.1’s pair of speakers. Each Horn creates a treble studded with detail and one that produces a precise image within a huge soundstage.

Each speaker also has a 3-inch fibre-composite cone driver generating smooth, ear-pleasing mid-range. The really low bass is handled by a separate, low-distortion subwoofer. A bass-reflex model, the subwoofer uses a flared front port and a 6.5-inch side-firing driver.

A 200-watt amplifier built into the subwoofer powers all of the ProMedia 2.1 speakers allowing them to generate room-filling levels of sound.

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is also a cinch to install. Anyone can do it. Within a few minutes this plug ‘n play model is ready to supply your audio needs.

The clincher is the price. The Pro Media 2.1 is very nicely priced at $299.

Klipsch Refines The Best Selling Quintet Home Theatre System

Klipsch isn’t a brand to jettison a standard-setting model without a compelling reason.

So in the case of the Quintet, the 5.1 surround home theatre system looked and sounded good and moreover consumers continued to buy it. So much so, the Quintet remains the company’s all-time, bestselling surround sound.

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Klipsch simply made it even better than it already was.

Although significantly upgraded, the Quintet’s winning formula continues to be four satellite speakers and a dedicated centre channel speaker.

Sounds simple. But knowing Klipsch’s quest for best sound in its class, it isn’t.

These aren’t just any high-grade speakers. Each ascends to the apex of sound quality thanks to Klipsch’s newly derived 90-degree by 90-dregree Tractrix? horn.

It’s a speaker technology with its eye on the listening environment. The rewards are ample and include an infinite choice of speaker positioning without sacrificing sonic clarity.

When the Tractrix horn is combined with a tweeter fitted with a lightweight, aluminium diaphragm, the result is an easy-to-power driver that responds to the dynamic peaks and troughs of undistorted music with consummate ease.

The horn and tweeter work with new, long-throw injected molded graphite (IMG) woofers to deliver gob-smacking amounts of powerful, realistic sound levels.

Further enhancements include cabinets built using professional grade AcoustaComp, a naturally dense, rigid and acoustically inert material. Internally the cabinets have non-parallel walls to diminish standing waves created by the drivers pushing back into the cabinets.

The Quintet offers a variety of placement options. Each speaker has a keyhole mount and a one quarter-inch insert for mounting flexibility.
Available in a satin brushed black finish, the Klipsch Quintet V 5.1 System has an RRP of $1499.

Klipsch Unveils The SB120, Its First Ever Soundbar Alternative

Music lovers with space challenged listening rooms have reason to celebrate. The object of their jubilation is the SB120 TV sound system.

Klipsch’s sleek, stylish, and first-ever solution for top-rank TV sound is designed into a convenient single cabinet requiring only a single connection to a TV to illicit theatre like surround sound.

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The tidy SB120 has multiple mounting options. It can rest discretely under a flat screen TV, on a shelf, dresser or counter top.

Once installed the calibre and quality of sound signals this one-chassis, sound system achieves a level of sonic satisfaction that few soundbars can hope to rival.

The secret of its amazing sound performance lies in Klipsch’s long, award studded history of designing world-class loudspeakers.

The challenge was to find a way to build Klipsch’s famous and unique Tractrix horns, tweeters with lightweight aluminum diaphragms and powerful long-throw woofers into a single, slim line chassis.

To its credit, Klipsch found a way and for good measure made the superb sounding SB120 Bluetooth enabled. Which means it can also be used as a premium grade wireless music device, tailor made for wireless music streaming of tracks and albums played back from smartphones, tablets and other portable digital devices.

As well, a single, easy to install connection to the SB120 is all it takes for TV programs, Blu-ray movies, cable programs and console games to be processed by the Klipsch’s built-in Dolby Digital decoder.

There’s also a switchable, 3D surround mode processing to simulate the sound of a multiple speaker surround system.

The Klipsch SB120 retails for $799.

Klipsch Gallery G28 Home Theatre System

A gold-class ticket to a blockbuster movie in the comfort of your own home is as close as a store stocking Klipsch’s seamless Gallery G28 5.1 channel home theatre system.

While any garden-variety brand can knock up a package of five ordinary speakers plus a self-powered sub-woofer, Klipsch constantly strives to create the extraordinary.

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To achieve this Klipsch had to find a way to engineer its traditional, imposing horn tweeter technology into ultra slim speakers just 2.4-inches thick.

The solution was to mould a Tractrix tweeter horn so it became an organic part of the speaker’s total enclosure.

Each G28 flat panel speaker carries a one-inch tweeter with a light Titanium diaphragm for treble frequencies. Two 3.5 active, long throw IMG woofers and a pair of 3.5-inch passive IMG woofers handle the midrange.

The G16 flat panel is similar to the G28 and while it carries the same exalted tweeter technology is about 8.5-inches shorter.

The SW110 Subwoofer is powerful and rated at 400 watts powers a 10-inch active, non-resonant woven fibreglass driver with a built-in BASH Digital Hybrid amplifier.

The result is the lifestyle G28 system comprising two G28 left & right front, one G16 centre channel speaker, two G12 rear surround channel speakers and the powerful SW110 subwoofer.

An optional WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit is also available.

Price of the Gallery 28 5.1 System is $2999.
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