Samsung Electronics has introduced a 10″ mobile TV which is described as the largest Mobile TV based on terrestrial DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).

Samsung created the first terrestrial DMB terminal in September 2004, by developing portable DMB receiving technology and releasing the first 6 inch Mobile TV in July 2005.

The design of the new Mobile TV is similar to the “sensitivity design” of the company’s R7 LCD TV (” Bordeaux “) series. As for features, it provides high-quality video and audio based on new mobile receiving technology. It is expected to be used as a mobile digital TV at home, or even at the football where one can grab those re winds it provides great picture quality free of network connections.

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The new 10 inch screen has 16:9 aspect ratio that is optimal for showing digital broadcasting. MP3 and digital photo viewing functions are added, and connection to an external HDD is provided for playing downloaded multimedia content.

Senior Vice President Sang Heung Shin of Samsung’s Visual Display Division says, “We made efforts to shift the concept of TV from a fixed, family-oriented device to a more mobile, personal gadget. This will bring even greater change than was created by the portable cassette player in the music industry.”

Samsung plans to promote the Mobile TV as a versatile home multimedia device.

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