Sony finally has a winner with the Japanese Company reporting that worldwide sales of its PS4 has topped 6 million units.

A major contributor has been sales of 370,000 units since its Japan debut on Feb. 22.

The bulk of those Japan sales were achieved during the opening weekend. According to data released by Japanese videogame magazine publisher Enterbrain, Sony sold 322,083 units during the first two days, nearly four times the 88,443 units sold during the same launch period for its predecessor, the PS3.

Sony initially had internal target of 5 million units by March, even before a single PS4 unit was sold in its home market.

According to JB Hi Fi CEO Terry Smart the retailer is experiencing strong sales of the Sony console due to the Company now having access to stock which had been “patchy” prior to Xmas. 

This is the first time in PlayStation history that a new game console was delivered last to Japan – three months after it shipped its first units in the U.S. in November. Sony said the long delay was caused by the time needed to prepare an ample line-up of software titles for Japanese fans. Some Japanese gamers said the wait signalled the diminished significance of the home market for Sony – a point the company says is not true.

The continuing PS4 sales momentum is a much-needed boost for the Japanese tech giant, which is banking on a strong games division to help turn around its troubled electronics businesses.

In addition to consoles, Sony said PS4 software sales were also solid, with more than 13.7 million copies sold in retail stores and through digital downloads.

Andrew House, the head of Sony’s videogame division, attributed the initial success of the PS4 to the popularity of various social features that the company added, allowing players to communicate with friends and share game-play experiences.

“The responses we have received for the PS4 system’s integrated social capabilities have been phenomenal,” House said in a statement.

Company officials admit the real test is whether strong PS4 demand will continue through the console’s second year. Not only is the company counting on the game machine for profits – it’s also hoping the console will eventually act as a hub to connect with other Sony devices including the television, tablets and smartphones.

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