Mindscape has launched three new games for the Nintendo DS that will give children and adults a chance to take care of various animals without all the fuss. The company claims that the Crazy Pig, Wild Horses, and Pet Vet games will ‘set young children a myriad of challenges and puzzles, introduce them to technology, and enhance their motor and spatial skills.’

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Pet Vet screenshot
Mindscapes Asia Pacific’s Managing Director, Tony Hughes said, “These new pet games for Nintendo DS are the perfect combination of entertainment and education. We’ve really tried to continue the Mindscape tradition of creating quality ‘edutainment’ games that are entertaining enough to capture children’s imaginations, whist still being educational enough to reassure parents.

Pet Vet

In Pet Vet, users will be given the role of a fully trained vet in a brand new practice, whose skills are needed to take special care of all the sick animals in the area. The scenarios have all been written by real-life vets and range from treating the friendly Labrador that has been hurt by a car, to the sleepy turtle who has gone off his food.

Game Features:
– 30 poor pets designed with 3D graphics need your care: French Labrador, Dalmatian, Siamese cat, hamster, parrot, St. Bernard, and more
– Ask the pet owners questions, diagnose the problems and use realistic medical instruments to treat the animals, change their bandages, put them on an IV, give them a vaccination, administer their treatment, and pamper them.
– Fun quizzes with 150 questions and 3 difficulty levels to test and improve your knowledge of animals


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Crazy Pig
Crazy Pig

This fearless farmyard freedom fighter has decided to gain some revenge on the crafty wolf that’s been hanging around the sty. Crazy Pig needs to help to clean up the farm and drive that nasty wolf away!

Game Features:
– Two parts to the game: Pig raising and seven mini games
– Hunger, thirst, cleanliness, happiness – to counter these influences you need to take care of your pig by feeding, bathing, and dressing it up.
– Plenty of piggy accessories to take care of Crazy Pig.
– Seasonal events keep Crazy Pig and users occupied all year long – with egg throw contests and races on bales of straw among other activities.

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Wild Horses screenshot
Wild Horses

According to Mindscape, Wild Horses features an engaging storyline and is all about trekking through the wilderness on horseback, searching for the legendary golden horse, the Akhal Teke. Users can explore up to six amazing wildernesses around the world on horseback and choose from 25 different horse breeds – from the Appaloosa and Mustang to the Andalusian and Arab thoroughbred.

Game features:
– 3D animations
– Exciting challenges including feeding, training, riding, and competing – whist you increase your knowledge on horses and improve your riding skills.
– Freedom of movement: move around wherever you want to go.
– 3 play modes: Adventure mode, Arcade mode, and Multiplayer mode

Pricing and Availability

The three pet games will be available in January 200 through major retailers (EB Games, Target, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, and Kmart) and will cost $49.95 each.

See: www.nintendonow.com.au

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