The installation of smart technologies requires the expert knowledge and tailor made advice of a systems professional. This is where your smart house really starts to come together

When electronic systems are important to a new house, a home systems installation firm is one of the most important subcontractors on the job
Think of a home systems installer as a technology expert. He can suggest technologies that you might find appealing and useful for your new house, design and install those technologies to fit your family’s unique lifestyle, teach the entire family how to use the systems he designed and installed, and offer ongoing support and advice. If you envision a home cinema, a home control system, a wholehouse music system or any other type of electronic system for your new house, a home systems installer is one of the most important subcontractors as the house is being built.

Like an architect and an interior designer, a home systems installer (also called a home systems integrator) needs to know a lot about your household. For example, if you entertain frequently, a home systems installer will likely recommend you have a wholehouse music system and a lighting control system installed. Upon learning you like jazz and your daughter likes hip hop, he might tailor the music system to play different sources simultaneously in different rooms. Tailoring, in fact, is what differentiates a home systems installer from a traditional retail outlet. Through creative installation and programming, they can design the electronic systems around your tastes and routines.

A home systems installer is one of the last subcontractors in your house. The systems integrator uses the plans from the electrician, the interior designer, the architect and the lighting designer to integrate music, video, lighting, security and other low-voltage systems into the house.

Unlike most subcontractors, a home systems installer sticks around after the house is finished. It’s then that he teaches you and each member of the household how to use the various systems of the house.

Before you sign on the dotted line

· How much experience does the home systems installer have designing and installing electronic systems into homes?

· Is the scope of the company’s previous projects similar to what you’d like done in your house?

Where to find one

· www.lenwallisaudio.com

· www.cedia.com.au

· www.clipsal.com/cis

· www.advancedliving.com.au

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