DIY home improvement appears to be lucrative market for ALDI, with the German supermarket again releasing a slew of hardware hobby tools in its next Special Buys sale.

Releasing on Saturday July 6, featured production include a 13W engraver ($14.99), air brush compressor kit ($79.99), 40W soldering iron ($14.99) and 30W wood burning kit ($14.99).

The WORKZONE branded engraver accompanies a 3 year warranty, and can be used on metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood and leather.

The Air Brush Compressor kit is also $20 cheaper than its release in 2018, boasting oil free maintenance with thermal protection.

ALDI air compressor ALDI Go Hard On DIY Tools

solder ALDI Go Hard On DIY Tools

The 40W soldering iron comes with two soldering tips, 4 specialised soldering tips, 20g soldering wire and a cleaning sponge.

Also launching on July 6 is a 150W mini bench grinder ($49.99) with a variable operating speed of 1000 – 9900 rpm.

The product accompanies a three year warranty.

engraver ALDI Go Hard On DIY Tools

ALDI will also release several miscellaneous ‘workshop hobby tools’ for $19.99 each – e.g. a 45W staple and nail gun, or 18V rotary hobby tool.

Affordable hardware and home DIY products have quickly become a frequent occurrence for ALDI, further intensifying pressure on Kmart and Big W in the space.

Further information and full product specifications are available on the ALDI website here.

Hobby Tools ALDI Go Hard On DIY Tools

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