Deals Direct, the online retailer that is challenging the traditional way Australians shop, has experienced growth that would make even the likes of Gerry Harvey blush.

Set up in October 2004 for two former eBay brokers, Paul Greenberg and Mike Rosenbaum have gone from virtually zero sales when they started, to now some three and a half years later, they are looking at about a $50 million turnover.  
Furthermore, the company has also gone from 2 employees to now having some 80 people on-site.

And according to Greenberg, putting this in terms of floor space, “we have gone from 40 square metres to 40,000 square metres in that period”.

Speaking from their massive purpose-built warehouse on the south-west outskirts of Sydney, Greenberg attributes this huge growth in sales to “blood, sweat and a lot of tears”.

However says Greenberg, the sales growth is not just due to their own hard work- its also part of the changing retail landscape in this country.

“There is a generational change going on in Australia, with people who are time-poor and very busy wanting to buy online rather than driving to a shopping centre, finding parking, getting to the store and then perhaps finding out there are no stocks left”, says Greenberg, adding, “we not only give convenience, but also much better pricing”.

Deals Direct now has some 4000 SKUs, which notes Greenberg “is increasing all the time”.

Moreover points out Greenberg, “we offer a much better customer experience as well”.

For example, he says that in terms of customer service, the company has set up a dedicated customer service division, which, “allows any product querries to be dealt with quickly”.

Also Deals Direct has an option on its web site which allows one-click printing of return labels, so if a customer needs to return something, it can be done promptly and with little fuss. This notes Greenberg is one of many things that he thinks makes Deals Direct “a much better online option to shop with”.

In terms of the relationship with their suppliers, both Greenberg and Rosenbaum agree that this is getting better all the time; adding that they have recently joined the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and are looking to forge links with suppliers and distributor everywhere.

The next improvement notes Rosenbaum, is a live chat site, where customers will be able to directly talk to the company about everything from pricing, to delivery to product questions, all in the company’s attempt to “improve their customers experience”.
As Greenberg muses about the future, he says, “Deals Direct is like a horse in full flight- we will hold on to the reins and let it run to see how far it can go”.

Certainly if the past is anything to go by, the future for the company is in very safe hands indeed.

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