Denon, a company known for its Hi-Fi and home cinema gear, has launched a new HD AV receiver that offers the most advanced and comprehensive home theatre and multi-room features, the company says.

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Denon claims that its AVR-3808 HD surround sound receiver introduces the next level of audio streaming, Internet radio and web browser technology, and supports the very latest 1080p/24 video and audio processing, advanced multi-zone capability, HD-DVD and Blu-ray compatibility, in-built calibration technology, and HDMI 1.3a connectivity.

The receiver also sports a contoured front panel control, with an advanced contemporary receiver capable of producing 7 channels of 130 watts. Moreover, its multi-channel amplification allows 3 zone, 3 source with independent volume control, meaning, that with additional amplification and speakers it’s possible to run a 7.1 home theatre setup in the main zone and two separate channels of stereo in zones two and three.

The AVR-3808 also supports various surround sound decoding that includes Dolby TrueHD and dts HD Master, in addition to the new Dolby Digital Plus, dts HD, Dolby Digital EX, and dts ES Discrete/Matrix/NEO: 6. To support these latest surround sound formats, the AVR-3808 features the latest Dual 32-bit Analogue Devices SHARC processor that is widely acknowledged as the industry benchmark DSP surround sound processor for consumer based A/V home theatre formats.



Denon’s Compressed Audio Restore technology is also featured in the AVR-3808, a proprietary technology that enhances ‘compressed’ media such as MP3, WMA and AAC with much greater dynamic range and impact. Denon also has four HDMI 1.3a inputs/outputs are designed to handle all the new features of the advanced specifications and are coupled to the Faroudja DCDi (FLI-2310) chipset to allow analogue 576i source content up conversion and scaling to 576p/720p/1080i and 1080p. This latest HDMI 1.3a format also facilitates Auto Lip Sync capability between similarly configured HDMI 1.3a sources.

In addition to all of these, the AVR-3808 offers advanced audio streaming with iPod audio playback of Internet radio, and also offers support for wired (Ethernet) allowing for playback of music files from PC or DLNA servers including AAC, WMA lossless, MP3, FLAC and WAV file support. The AVR-3808 also supports streaming from a MAC provided the Twonky music server program is present.

The AVR-3808 offers the following: 4 x HDMI 1.3a inputs, 1 x HDMI 1.3a output, 3 x Component Video inputs, 2 parallel (main zone) Component outputs, 7 x S-Video inputs, and 7 x Composite inputs. For audio, the AVR-3808 offers 3 x digital S/PDIF, 4 x digital optical, 2 x optical assignable S/PDIF outputs and for DVD-Audio and SACD sources the receiver features 8-channel external analogue inputs.

Pricing and Availability

The AVR-3808 is covered by a national two-year warranty, comes in both Black and Silver finish and has an RRP of $3,299.

See: www.audioproducts.com.au

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