First Review: New Moto Q9 With Windows Mobile 6


This is a phone that Motorola had to get right up alongside some tough competition like Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia with their N95. The design is sleek but more important is the fact that Motorola has built in functionality that is easy to access and works. A classic example is the curved keyboard and easy access function buttons on the bottom of the keypad.

Sexy, ultra thin and packing a mean array of features, the new Moto Q 9H has finally landed in Australia via Vodafone.
In one very clever and easy to access design, Motorola has got rid of that clunky feel one finds with similar Windows Mobile phones such as the iMate, the Palm Treo 750 or the proprietary operating system BlackBerry. It looks sturdy and feels sturdy and comes in a dark charcoal black.

For many this new Motorola Q phone which comes with the new Windows Mobile 6 is going to be a toss-up with the highly fancied Samsung Blackjack which I have been using for the last 3 months.

Right out of the pack you notice three distinct differences alongside the Samsung Blackjack.

Firstly the Q is slimmer and wider. Secondly, the keys are easier to access with the system having a set of hot keys running along the bottom of the phone which give you instant access to Camera, Multimedia, Calender and Contacts. And thirdly, it has one stand out feature which I believe all phones should have and that is the ability to charge and access data using a USB cable linked to a notebook or PC, or the smart new docking station that comes in the Q pack.


You will see by the below chart that the Moto Q 9 stacks up well alongside the Samsung Blackjack i600 and the Blackberry 8800, though it struggles up against the Nokia in the camera and memory area.

Click to enlarge

This phone is not just for corporate users. It has a good camera and above all plenty of memory for both images and music. It also comes with a pair of built in stereo speakers. The processor is fast and in side by side tests accessing the same contacts database the Motorola Q was significantly faster.

A major weakness of both the Q and the Blackjack is the lack of Wi Fi, which is found in the same phones in the USA. This is because carriers such as Vodafone and Telstra do not want one to be able to access the internet via a Wi Fi connection as opposed to going through a carrier network where they charge for access.

 Another unique feature on the Q is installation of the Opera web browser. It is fast and coupled with the built in broadband data connectivity delivers high-speed data downloads in a matter of seconds. It also gives you access to Google Maps however Australia is missing from the Google list which pops up when one opens the Opera browser.

Instead I chose to download the UK maps. The 876K file came down in 60 seconds and was easy to access when downloaded.


In addition to push email and voice functionality, the MOTO Q 9h features a 2 megapixel camera with 8 x digital zoom and built-in photo light, allowing one to easily snap a picture and instantly share by email or MMS.

The Windows Media Player supports a variety of music and video file formats. With the Q9 can also access all the services available through the Vodafone live! Portal, which includes more than 30 Mobile TV channels – covering topics from sports to soaps, and music downloads.

One of the most significant differences between the Moto Q and the Blackjack is the operating system. The new Q 9 runs Windows Mobile 6, and most of the improvements we see with the phone we believe are tied to improvements in the Windows Mobile platform copled with Motorola design. The new Windows Mobile solves the issue of being able to edit documents on the fly and comes with common Windows and Mocrosoft Office applications wehich makes downloading and syncing very easy.

The OS also enables real-time access to corporate and personal email and makes information management easier and more convenient.The handset also has loads of space for music and movies – including 2GB of optional removable MicroSD storage and 256MB of on-board flash memory, with 128MB of user memory – so Australians can now listen to their favourite songs in style, with storage of up to 1,000 tracks and over 10 hours of video (MPEG4). 

Overall this is an impress new mobile phone that I believe will appeal to both the enterrise business executive and the mum on the run who wants easy access to messaging, contacts, a camera while also being able to listen to music.

CARRIER: Vodafone.

RRP: Without plan $799

VENDOR: Motorola

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