Australians will experience one of television’s rarest events this Sunday night – a total take over of every free-to-air TV network featuring a brand new 60-second promo for FreeView.

At 6.29pm, a new Freeview promo for free-to-air digital TV will go to air across the country, featuring some of the most memorable and remarkable free-to-air TV moments that Australians have ever witnessed.

Viewers will see a series of moving vignettes, from historic and world-changing events to favourite characters, from drama-filled scenes to breathtaking moments in sport.

It will air across ABC, Nine, Prime, SBS, Seven, Southern Cross, Ten, WIN and their affiliate regional networks.

“Everyone has their favourite TV moments or remembers a time when they were absolutely glued to the TV – this reminds us all of why we love our free TV,” said Freeview CEO Robin Parkes, “We’ve captured some of those moments – I’m sure people will have their own favourites too.”

Freeview is the brand name for the digital platform of TV channels for Australia’s free-to-view networks. The advert hopes to encourage Australians to switch to free-to-view digital television.

The campaign coincides with the arrival next week of Freeview-endorsed digital TV equipment in retailers nationally.

An extra five free digital channels are already available (ABC2, SBS2, Seven HD, Nine HD and ONE) and it is claimed that new free-to-air channels will progressively roll out over the next year.

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