As stereo sound makes a big come back, NAD Electronics has come to market with the C375BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier that shares many of the features and refinement of NAD’s M3 Integrated amplifier from its high-end Master Series.

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The C375BEE is the first in the ‘Classic Series’ to incorporate an updated version of NAD’s ‘building block’ concept to make addition of the PP375 phono module and other affordable future upgrades possible.

Rated at 150 watts into each of two channels at both 4 and 8 ohms continuous power and 200W, 365W and 500W WIHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms respectively, the C375BEE is designed for a wide range of stereo music systems. Other major points of difference include a heavy gauge steel chassis and a sophisticated power supply which channels via copper buss bars large amounts of current to the custom gold-plated speaker binding posts.

Refinements taken directly from the M3 amplifier include an application of the output stage of the patent Distortion Connecting Circuit together with the BEE clamp in the power supply. Other enhancements include an improved tone control circuit and PCB layout reducing distortion and noise to unprecedented levels.

NAD’s proprietary Power Drive circuitry automatically senses a speaker’s impedance characteristics and adjusts its power setting for the specific load. Power Drive enables the C375BEE to deal easily with difficult speaker loads, providing high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability in an affordable package.



NAD’s Soft Clipping circuitry is also employed which reduces the possibility of damage to speakers and at the same time emulating the ‘sound’ of valve amplification when driven hard. While being driven at these high levels it is widely recognised that noise and distortion mask the fine details of musical recording, replacing musical texture and dimension with non-musical artefacts – and this is why NAD has spent 35 years working on its design to achieve the lowest distortion and highest power in their respective price class when being driven at these levels.

Featuring 7 line inputs, including: MP, CD, Tuner, Disc, Aux and two tape inputs with dubbing capability, the C375BEE also offers a pre-out/power to facilitate additional power amplifiers to meet future system needs. There is also a second set of pre-amp outs allowing bi-amping which enables the use of separate power amplifiers to drive the bass and treble sections of a speaker, for even better sonic performance or the second pre-amp can be used to connect to a powered subwoofer.

The C375BEE comes with NAD’s SR8 system remote control featuring large buttons that are differentiated by shape and position, to make easy intuitive operation. The SR8 will also operate many other NAD products such as CD players, tuners etc.

The C375BEE (RRP $2,199) is covered by a three year parts and labour warranty, is available in Titanium and Graphite finish. The optional PP375 phono module costs $199.

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