The new speakers from Eos will change the way you look at multi-room audio systems with its easy-to-use, plug-and-play wireless capability.

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The Eos Wireless is the world’s first digital wireless “whole home audio” speaker system designed for Apple’s iPod, allowing multi-room audio distribution capability. The system is easy to set-up: all a user has to do is to connect the power cord to the Base Station (the speakers with an iPod dock), connect your iPod, plug in the wireless speaker into any available wall outlet and turn it on (by turning the volume knob clockwise), and press play on your iPod or remote.

The Base Station only comes with five buttons up front: volume up and down, wireless transmit, source (iPod and Auxiliary), and Mute. In between the speakers is the unit’s iPod docking station that is compatible with Apple’s iPhone. The unit’s rear hosts the DC power jack, a Link button that sets a unique ID for the system, a Range Extender switch that allows you to increase the effective range of the EOS Wireless system, and an AUX port to connect other audio products.

The system’s Wireless Stereo Speaker only comes with a removable integrated power adapter, a volume/power knob to adjust, and an antennae power/status LED that illuminates when the wireless speaker is linked to the base station and blinks when there is not link to the base station.


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It can be used as a wall-mounted speaker (power supply nested in the back of the speaker enclosure) or as a desktop/bookshelf speaker (power supply removed from the speaker enclosure). Be very careful when removing the power supply though, as the swivel plate below the power supply snapped off completely during our test.

And while the unit only comes with a set of digital wireless speakers, users can purchase more wireless speakers (up to four) to be hooked up to the Base Station ($149 per wireless speaker).

With the EOS Wireless System, users can broadcast music from their iPod or any other audio source like MP3 players, CD players, and Internet Radio via the unit’s auxiliary input. We plugged in various music devices to test its audio performance. Despite its small profile, we found the unit to produce clear highs and mids, as well as rich bass.


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The satellite produced the same audio calibre as the Base Station, providing us with good, crisp, and lagless sound even when placed far away from the unit. According to EOS, the wireless signal can reach up to 50m indoors and 100m outdoors, is interference free from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cordless phones, and has a 1.5Mbps Wireless Transmission Data Rate.

While the technology behind the product is good, the product just looks and feels cheap. During our test, the volume knob of the Stereo Speakers fell off while the swivel plate snapped off as we removed the power supply.

Overall, the EOS Digital Wireless Multi-Room Audio System is a clever product: it can stream music from the source (Base Station) to just about any location you want. The unit performs well and won’t interfere with your current wireless devices. The only thing we did not like is the build and how quick the component falls apart. This system is available now with an RRP of $449, with additional wireless speakers available for $149.

See page over for product specifications and final rating.


EOS Stereo Base Station:

– GigaWave Digital Wireless Technology
– 2.1 Stereo Audio
– 2 Full Range Speakers With Ported SubWoofer
– SRS Digital Sound Enhancement Technology
– Universal iPod Dock with Interchangeable Dock Adapters
– Auxiliary Line Input Jack (For MP3, Stereos, and Computers)
– Source selection between iPod and Auxiliary
– 4 remote Wireless Station Status LEDs
– Speaker On/Off
– Volume control
– IR Remote Controller
– Dimensions (WxHxD):  247.65 x 209.55 x 171.45mm

EOS Wireless Stereo Speakers:

– GigaWave Digital Wireless Technology
– 2.1 Stereo Audio
– 2 Full Range Speakers with ported Subwoofer
– SRS Digital Sound Enhancement Technology
– Simple Plug and Play Operation
– Wireless Link Status LEDs
– Independent Volume Control
– Integrated Power Supply for Plugging Directly into wall outlet
– Dimensions (WxHxD): 146.05 x 228.6 x 127mm

EOS Wireless Digital Wireless Multi-Room Audio System | $449 ($149 for wireless speakers) |  | www.eoswireless.com.au

For: Easy to use; Wireless; Sound Quality; Support up to four wireless speakers; Compatible with latest iPods; Long range
Against: Build quality
Conclusion: Enjoy music wirelessly with EOS audio system.

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