You’d think Linn could shelve its corporate laurels after producing the LP12 turntable and the Isobarik range of loudspeakers, seminal products which truly revolutionised high-fidelity sound on a global scale.

Hardly. Having reached the peak of analogue excellence, Linn Products launched into the digital era with the same unique design mindset, only this time around it’s unleashed a totally new concept in digital high resolution sound called the Linn Akubarik Exakt System.

The new system is a high quality solution befitting the lifestyle of savvy consumers who want to play just about anything through it including Spotify, Pandora, PS4, Foxtel and PCs.

Using the Linn Akubarik Exakt System, these sources will have a lifelike sound because the Exakt system corrects the usual flaws that are normally a part of any hi-fi system. The correction is cleverly done by the the Exakt System is able to keep the audio signal in the lossless digital domain until the last moment.

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The design goal was to advance the leading edge Linn DS system to taking the lossless digital chain all the way from the source to the speaker.

The all digital sound chain has been an unobtainable holy grail which has eluded the world’s best audio minds – until Linn developed the Akubarik Exakt.

A ground-breaking revolution in every sense of the word, the Akubarik Exakt removes the pre-existing barrier between the artist and the listener. 

This is typical of the way analogue works, imposing on the digital audio chain as the sound travels from the high-resolution digital music file say, from a laptop or high-res music server through a digital amp where it has to emerge as an analogue signal suitable to drive a speaker which before the Akubarik Exakt, is inherently an analogue device.

Linn’s solution is to make the Akubarik Exakt a digital platform built to keep the signal from a studio master file or any other digital music source in the digital domain and only converting to digital at the last stage.

For the technically minded, this provides music lovers with a direct route to the artist by maintaining the absolute accuracy of the digital data, accompanied by ultra-low jitter levels and the total synchronisation between speakers.

A high intelligence digital era audio product, the Linn Akubarik Exakt phase corrects every signal removing the phase and magnitude distortion which is a byproduct of a typical analogue crossover network used by the Exakt’s rivals.

The audible result is a non-fatiguing sound because every Exakt crossover maintains a 100 per cent accuracy rate with every digital music file.

The Akubarik Exakt is an authentic high-end audio product with an RRP of $52,995. The price reflects Linn’s aversion to any variation in accuracy. No matter how careful, when manufacturing a product a variation in parts which is sometimes so small it can hardly be measured, does occur. 

This can manifest as a minute variation between speaker drivers. Linn’s solution is ensuring the Akubarik Exakt system monitors, measures and tracks the smallest variation between drive units so every system leaving Linn’s UK factory is guaranteed to perform exactly as its specification demands. The net result is a perfect speaker.

Powerful new Linn software is employed to optimise each Akubarik Exakt system too suit every consumer’s room as well as drawing on Linn specialist retailer expertise.

And in keeping with all Linn DSM players, all kinds of sources can be linked to the Akubarik Exakt for a vastly improved and clearly audible musical performance. Even vinyl played on Linn’s famous LP12 turntable is vastly improved. Using new ADC technology, the delicate, low level LP12 signal is converted to digital before it’s sent losslessly to the speaker.

Every Linn Akubarik Exakt customer has a system built uniquely for them. The system is available for new as well as existing Linn customers.

Available are the Akubarik Exakt System comprising Akubarik Exakt DSM and Akubarik Exakt Speakers for new clients while Exakt upgrades exist for Akubarik owners that include Akubarik Exakt DSM, replacement 3K arrays and new Akubarik Exakt modules for the client’s speakers. 

The Linn revolution has arrived-again.
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