Microsoft Service “Sucks” Xbox 360 Boss Told


The head of the Microsoft Xbox operation in Australia, David Mclean, who is becoming famous for what he doesn’t say rather than what he does, is set to hear from yet another very “angry” Xbox 360 customer who is so angry with Mclean and his operation that he has packed up his second broken Xbox and shipped it directly to him with a letter that says: “Microsoft sucks you can keep your busted Xbox”. He also said that he will never deal with Microsoft again.

This year Microsoft has allocated over $1.3 billion to fix faulty Xbox 360 consoles with retailers reporting a console failure rate of up to 30%.

Marcel Ollmann of New Zealand claims in a letter to Mclean that he is now on his second Xbox 360 and like a lot of other Xbox 360 users who have had problems with Microsoft over their gaming consoles, it is not the failure of the Xbox that galls him but the “shocking” service that Ollmann received when he attempted to get his first Xbox 360 fixed.

He has also had major problems with Microsoft support and Microsoft Live. In a blunt letter to Mclean he states: “It is fair to say that for the past year Microsoft has treated me like shit”.

“Rather than following New Zealand law and providing replacements at a point of sale I was forced to call the Xbox support and get a resolution through a toll-free helpdesk. After jumping through various hoops over the phone with representatives that struggled with basic English I boxed my Xbox360 and at my expense sent it to Microsoft. From this point on, my xbox360 was never seen again. The helpdesk had no record of my console being received or processed for repair. I wasted countless hours trying to get a resolution from Microsoft. The calls to the Microsoft helpdesk were so frustrating that I never wanted to deal with them again”.


He added “When I started jumping up and down at the forums with my friends Microsoft responded by sending me a new Xbox 360.”

“I assumed that this was a new Xbox360 and everything appeared to be ok. I then purchased a HD-DVD drive to attach to my console. Then the new Xbox360 crashed and upon restarting exhibited the three red rings of death”.

After several attempts at loading games and movies I have been unable to get the system to work. In a letter to Mclean he claims that “at this point I think it is fair to say that I have simply had enough and as such I don’t want my xbox360 anymore. I don’t want to call your helpdesk and waste countless hours not getting a speedy or effective resolution. I don’t want to return my console to your “repair centre” in Australia for it to be lost again. As I mentioned before to countless drones at your helpdesk, the level of service that I have received from Microsoft is appalling”.

In his letter to Mclean Ollmann has also complained about the Microsoft Xbox Live service. He writes “I used to purchase game, movie and TV downloads from Xbox live. Then one day, the whole thing disappeared on me. The console no longer allowed me to purchase anything to do with movies and TV programs online. That was like a kick in my face. You really don’t want my money anymore?


“Recently my Xbox live account was suspended so I called the dreaded helpdesk to resolve the problem.
I informed them that I didn’t want to renew my membership because of how crippled the Xbox live marketplace had become. They said that I had no choice. When I said that I only wanted a silver membership after my gold membership expired, they wanted me to pay US$50 to revert my gold membership to a free silver one because they claimed “that is the only way the system works”.”

He concludes in his letter to Mclean “Please find my dying or rather dead xbox360 attached to this letter. I’m sure it’s safe to say this is my last purchase from Microsoft in my lifetime”.

As expected Mclean was not available to comment. However he was available to comment on Microsoft’s success with Halo 3.

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