Separate components in your AV kit offer greater flexibility in creating the ultimate system set up. NAD is catering to this market with its new tuner/surround sound pre-amp and matching multi-channel power amp combo which it claims is the ‘ultimate’ in home theatre kit.

According to NAD, separate components also keep performance levels at a high over all-in-one kit, as large power supply sections and heat radiating output stages are kept distant from the sensitive low voltage circuits in the pre-amplifier.

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T975 power amp
Its new T175 and T975 draw features from its Master Series, but also feature all new design, colour finish and circuit topologies. The construction comprises of removable cards, which NAD says will offer greater speed to the market of new technology, upgrade capability and simple field servicing.

The T175 pre-amplifier combines all the control and decoding functions in the one box, providing video switching for HDMI, Component Video, S-Video and Composite video. It claims also to convert analogue video to output via HDMI, and by adding power amps and speakers, it’s possible to listen to music in up to four zones of the house.  A separate second zone remote is included and signals can be transmitted via remote IR sensors. Speaker matching can be achieved via the Audyssey calibration technology on-board.


The pre-amp also offers 7.1 analogue audio inputs for DVD-Audio, SACD and other multi-channel sources. Meanwhile a data jack with NAD’s optional iPod Dock will let you play your iPod through the amp and allow the iPod meta-data to be displayed on the OSD.

The T975 7-channel power amp weighs a heft 33kg, with a claimed one kilowatt output. It comes equipped with NAD’s Power Drive technology and features a full mono block construction for each of the seven channels. This combined with ground isolation topology helps eliminate any possible inter-channel interference, the company claims.

NAD T175 pre-amp/tuner ($2,499)
T975 power amp ($3,499)
are covered by a two year nationwide warranty and are available at selected NAD dealers.

See: www.audioproducts.com.au

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