Samsung is set to take on iTunes with the launch of a new subscription service and download store for its portable MP3 players in Europe. But the service will not be launched in Australia at present.

The company has partnered with MusicNet to deliver the service in the UK, France and Germany. The digital music service, which is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung’s K3, K5 and T9 models, (like iPod + iTunes) will be integrated in the Samsung Media Studio (SMS), for which MusicNet has provided the platform.

The SMS will offer portable music subscriptions, allowing unlimited downloads to Samsung portable devices for a flat monthly fee, or the purchase of individual tracks or albums.

Customers in France and Germany will have access to over 2.6 million tracks, while UK subscribers will be able to access more than 3 million songs from the four major labels and over 55,000 independent labels. Monthly subscriptions will cost 14.99 euro in France and Germany and 10.25 pounds Sterling in the UK. Individual track download prices will start at 1.15 euro or 0.79p.

“The introduction of the Samsung Media Studio is innovation in the digital age at its best. We have linked our internationally popular devices with a music subscription service and store adding a new dimension to how consumers interact with their devices. With the Samsung Media Studio the world is at your fingertips with millions of songs accessible anytime, anywhere,” said VP of Sales & Marketing Digital AV Division of Samsung Electronics, Mr. Seungsoo Park.

“MusicNet is delighted to be working with Samsung on this project. The combination of Samsung’s advanced digital media products with MusicNet’s peerless catalog and delivery platform is ideal,” said Alan McGlade, President and CEO of MusicNet.

“Samsung’s products and presence, particularly in the European market, are second to none. We look forward to a continued successful relationship with Samsung as they continue to build superior devices for the portable marketplace.”

Samsung says it will soon initiate a significant marketing plan in the countries to promote the devices and integrated music service.

Samsung Australia has no plans to follow suit as yet, with AV Product Manager Sagar Dave stating, “At this stage, there are no firm plans to launch a MusicNet service in Australia. It is an option which is being investigated, however this may go either way at the moment.”

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