NSW Opal card holders are among the world’s first to leverage Samsung Pay’s latest public transport integration, enabling users to ‘tap-on’ without unlocking their phone.

The update – which is currently rolling out to Samsung Pay holders – allows commuters to tap their phone as they would a traditional Opal card, even if amidst a call, or listening to music.

The feature was developed in collaboration with Transport for NSW, pledging a “seamless experience” for the 13 million plus people who use the Opal network every week.

The network is one of Australia’s largest transportation networks.

Samsung Pay 4 Samsung Pay Debut Opal ‘Tap On’ For Locked Phones

“Samsung is investing in delivering cutting-edge solutions for Samsung Pay to help provide customers with maximum convenience and security for their mobile wallet,” asserts Mark Hodgson, Head of Samsung Pay Australia.

“As a first step, we are rolling out this technology to work with the Opal system in NSW.”

The integration builds on the contactless payment system developed by Transport for NSW.

As the Samsung Pay update continues to roll out, users can set a default card to tap on and off Opal terminals, even when their phone is unlocked.

The news follows the launch of Samsung Pay in Australia in June 2016, with the platform the first mobile smartphone provider to partner with all ‘Big Four’ banks in 2018.

“Samsung is committed to creating a walletless future, and we are focused on developing solutions for our users to make Samsung Pay part of Australians’ everyday lives,” claims Hodgson.

Further information is available on Samsung Pay’s website here.

Samsung Pay 3 Samsung Pay Debut Opal ‘Tap On’ For Locked Phones

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